Yuri Milner

Star Shot (photo: Breakthrough Initiative)

Stephen Hawking’s starship that costs the same as an iPhone

PHYSICIST BACKS INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL USING SPACE SHIPS WITH QUITE LITERALLY A TINY DIFFERENCE TO GO TRILLIONS OF MILES. Nanocraft to reach for the stars Professor Hawking and internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner have unveiled an ambitious plan to fire “nanocraft” into space to reach our nearest neighbouring star system, Alpha Centauri in just over 20 years from launch. Of course, Alpha Centauri is 25 TRILLION miles away (4.37 light years) and it take 30,000 YEARS to reach it using today’s fastest space craft.…

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ET Tweet Home – Twitter And Facebook Investor Funds $100m Search For Aliens

A billionaire who made early punts on Twitter and Facebook is ploughing a fortune into finding intelligent alien life. Yuri Milner will fund work by SETI researchers for the next decade – allowing them to use the world’s biggest telescopes to hunt for ET from 2016. Celebrated British scientist Stephen Hawking is among those to have endorsed the project, according to the Wall Street Journal. But the question remains will the aliens tweet their existence or friend the human race…

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