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Only suitable for Fujifilm Instax Mini Cameras - Wallet-sized instant pictures are a really neat idea from Fujifilm, bringing a fun and practical dimension to everyday photography. Instax Mini film (for use in all the Instax mini cameras) comes in a handy cartridge, giving stunning-quality instant i..
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Fuji Instax SQUARE Picture Format Instant Film from Fujiflim. This is an incredibly sharp, daylight-balanced ISO / ASA 800 film made for use in Instax SQUARE Series Cameras and SP-3 Printer. Recognised for its excellent colour reproduction, the film has a glossy finish and is an excellent choice for..
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Instax Wide Picture Format - For Fuji Instax Cameras Only - The easy-load cartridge that slots into the Instax Wide Format cameras delivers ten superb quality instant images in a new 'landscape' (oblong) format that's a refreshing change from the square picture shape long associated with instants. B..
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Photo capacity:20 prints/pack Film size:86 mm x 72 mm Image size:62 mm x 62 mm Sensitivity:ISO800..
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