The ‘worst passwords of 2014’ – 123456 and password

The number combination ‘123456’ is in at number one, while the word ‘password’ is in at number 2. The annual list of the 25 most common found passwords found on the internet is compiled by SplashData, which provides password management applications and aims to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Here’s the rundown from 1 to 25: Rank Password Change from 2013 1 123456 No Change 2 password No Change 3 12345 Up 17 4 12345678 Down 1 5 qwerty…

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Battery-powered toys set to dominate Christmas wish lists – stock up on batteries now

 Have enough batteries to avoid toys not working on Christmas Day. Whether it’s a robot dinosaur, a family game or a doll, the  Toy Retailers Association list of what the most popular toys are expected to be this Christmas reveals many in the top 12 use batteries. As youngster draw up Christmas lists, check if toys come with batteries and what type they need – eg alkaline batteries. Have enough batteries in reserve so toys don’t run out of power too soon. And don’t forget adults, their presents may need batteries. Watch:…

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