Who doesn’t want a button like this on their keyboard? Aren’t there some days when you’d love a magic button when the web’s having an off day or misbehaving?

(Photo credit: edited graphicstock.com image)

Okay, so we don’t really have a magic button that fixes everything, but we do have a list of 5 things that could make your online and technology life that bit easier – click on the photos below.

1. Not running out of phone battery at just the worst moment – get this power bank!

stk power bank

2. Looking cool when it’s raining – the storm is strong in this multi-colour umbrella

LED umbrella

3. Don’t lose your favourite photos and important data – back-up with a portable hard drive

Hyundai hard drive

4. Avoid running out of phone memory – bargain price on micro SD card

microSD card

5. Impress with a serious smart watch – and easily tell the time!


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