Stuck in a field somewhere and need your phone as the lights are fading and worried about it soon having no signs of life?

A whisper of hope, maybe? Nope, there’s no need to feel blue, blue when you have a palm-sized LED light that transforms into a lantern and can provide that bit of emergency power for your device.

lantern 2Sound and vision

This LED light provides good light. It can either be used as a spotlight or torch in compact mode – for example on a camping table for example or even as a night light at home, with two adjustable settings.

Or you extend it – thanks to its concertina design – to turn it into a lantern. There’s a handy hanging hook built into the design.

You can charge the built-in rechargeable battery via the included USB cable – plug it into a laptop, power bank or USB plug for example. Or charge it using the built-in hand crank, which fits neatly into the lantern base.

What power?

lantern 3So, this is a nice additional feature. With the hand crank, you can also provide some precious emergency power to your smartphone (or other USB powered device) just when you might really need it.

Just plug in the included USB to 5V DC adapter output cable into the power socket on the side of the LED light (it’s got a durable rubber tab to help protect it).

Next, plug into it the USB power cable that your phone came with, for example, to connect your device.

Then get cranking!

Three minutes cranking can give you about 2-8 minutes of talk time.

lantern 8Multiple uses

Thanks to its versatility and tough rubberised design, this LED light is ideal for a range of uses. You might be heading to a music festival or a camping holiday, and need a light (and an emergency power source for your device).

You could also use it in a child’s bedroom for example as a night light or keep one by your bedside just in case of emergency!

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lantern 5Where to buy it

This smart LED light is available from for £13.99 and that price includes delivery.

It comes with the LED light / lantern with built-in 300mAh / 3.7V battery and a built-in hand crank/hanging handle.

A USB to 5V DC adapter input cable for charging from external sources and a USB to 5V DC adapter output cable to charge devices is also included.

To buy it, click here or on the photo of the light in its packaging.


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