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everActive Rechargeable AAA 1000mAh batteries - 4 Pack

everActive Rechargeable AAA 1000mAh batteries - 4 Pack
everActive Rechargeable AAA 1000mAh batteries - 4 Pack
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Excellent price-quality ratio, outperforming even 50% more expensive alternatives
Versatile for professional use in lanterns, toys, and various device
"Ready to use" technology allows direct replacement for alkaline batteries.
Ideal for high-demand devices with comparable capacity to alkaline counterparts and up to 1200 recharge cycles.

These batteries boast an impressive 1000 mAh capacity, currently the maximum for AAA rechargeable cells, rivaling even the most esteemed branded counterparts that often come at a 50% higher price. In evaluation, they stand out as some of the finest rechargeable batteries available, offering an exceptional balance between price and quality.

Designed for professional use, these batteries are versatile, finding applications in lanterns, toys, and more. Leveraging the "ready to use" technology, they can seamlessly replace alkaline batteries, offering a reliable power source. EverActive batteries are synonymous with top-notch quality at a competitive price, making them a highly recommended choice.

Especially well-suited for demanding devices like flash units, flashlights, headlights, digital cameras and many more aplications, EverActive batteries match the capacity of alkaline counterparts while allowing for up to 1200 recharge cycles. Notably, they excel in handling high current loads, making them a reliable and cost-effective power solution.

Manufacturer Warranty1 Year

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