You could buy 450 Hannspree Sport Watches with core smart functions for the same price as an 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition.

The Hannspree Sport Watch looks stylish, is eminently wearable and costs just £29.99 at 7dayshop.com (UK price inclusive of VAT, but excludes delivery, which is as low as £1.99).

Compare that to a top-of-the-range Apple Watch edition, which would set you back £13,500 (largely thanks to the 18-carat gold used in the casing), according to a recent report on macworld.co.uk. And think about the worry you’d have wearing it out!

What can the Hannspree Sport Watch do?

First up, it can tell the time as you’d expect any good watch to be able to do. And there’s an alarm clock. But it has a stylish elegance about it, with a circular OLED display which shows the time, date and battery life.

But it also has some nifty smart functions packed in for what is an impressive price and it’s splashproof.

You can get call and message notifications from your phone or device via Bluetooth. And it works with Android and iOS devices (4.3 or iOS 7 or later). There are free companion apps available.

For fitness fans or those of us wanting to shape up, you can track your sleep, your steps taken, what calories you’ve burned and distance travelled.

The other big bonus compared to rival smartwatches is that the battery lasts for up to a week.

It’s not the all-singing all-dancing smartwatch promised by Apple, but just think of that price and what it can do – which for many people will be absolutely perfect.

An affordable dip into the world of wearables

The Hannspree Sport Watch is for anyone.

But it could be a great first dip into the waters of wearable technology without spending a fortune.

At the end of the day, the price is impressive for what you get. You can find out more by clicking on this link > Hannspree Sport Watch.

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