Easy ways to keep your phone going longer – a light-hearted look at options to ensure the battery lasts longer while out and about.

1. Turn down the screen brightness

Okay, so you might struggle to see your phone screen on a bright day – but you could try shielding it with your hand. And it could help your phone battery last that crucial little bit longer.

You could also try making your screen timeout – when the display goes dark – shorter.

2. Turn off notifications 

By fiddling with your settings, you could potentially turn off those notifications of the latest updates from well-known social media networks.

Sure, you might not know what someone’s had for breakfast before they’ve eaten it – but your phone might last until after you’ve had your breakfast!

It’s also worth check what’s running on your mobile phone – and you might get a surprise. Lots of different apps could be running at the same time. So, completely shut down the ones that you’re no longer using.

3. Get a power bank

Okay, so this one is sort of cheating – but this option could be a life-saver when your phone battery might otherwise die at the very moment you least want it to.

Power banks can easily slip into a pocket or bag and offer mobile power on the go, where’s there is nowhere to plug in your dying device.

To see what’s available in terms of power banks, click here or on the photo below.

power bank collage 161115

4. Dump using Bluetooth

Sure, Bluetooth is an incredibly handy feature when it comes to connecting wireless headphones for example. But if you want to save that battery life, why not get a wired pair of headphones that have no need for Bluetooth.

You can also get headphones and earphones which are Bluetooth and come with a wired connection when you need it.

If your phone has GPS, NFC or Wi-Fi, try turning those off as well to save on juice.

5. Use power saving mode or your phone less…

Perhaps it’s not so good to talk or instant message so much if you want to preserve your phone’s battery life.

Your device might also have a power saving mode if you need to use your phone a lot.


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