And it’s a BIG thank you to our customers who have made us one of the biggest online retailers offering quality, value products.

We also thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane by putting together a video of how the 7dayshop logo has changed over the years (with a little help from the internet’s archive way back machine).

Lowest prices on great products

Since being founded, has become a major online retailer of photography, digital and computer equipments.

We started our with a simple philosophy – bring amazing value products to our customers. We strive to offer new, innovative and quality products to online shoppers, with our 7dayshop brand products produced to the highest standards while offering low prices.

And we have grown and diversified over the year, and are proud to offer the UK’s lowest prices on a range of products including memory cards, batteries, Bluetooth and wired headphones, mobile phone and tablet accessories and much, much more.

Just take a look at our Spring Sale – click on the image below:

spring sale

Lots of deals and great savings at 7dayshop’s spring sale

We’ve come a long way thanks to our customers

We’re proud to offer a vast range of products and it’s thanks to our loyal and happy customers, who have made it all possible.

We deliver our products to more than a million happy customers.

So thank you, and if you want to keep up with all our deals, offers and news sign up to our emails via our homepage.

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