An SD memory card might have set you back £27.50 per gigabyte in 2006, but you can now pick up the latest Kingston SDXC UHS-I card, for just under 28p per gigabyte.

2006 Way back 10 years ago, was selling 2GB memory cards costing £54.99 (a very low price at the time) – which was equivalent to £27.495 a GB. – You can see a snapshot page-grab image from the wayback machine internet archive below…


2016 Skip forward 10 years to today, and as you can see a Kingston SDA10 SDXC 128GB UHS-I Ultimate Class 10 memory card, can be snapped up for just £36.99. That equates to only 28.889p per GB – almost 100 times less.


Micro SD cards now represent a substantial proportion of all memory sold, due almost entirely to the rapid increase in popularity and sales of Android, Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets.

Where will prices be in another 10 years time, who knows, but it’s not inconceivable to think we’ll be selling multiple-terrabyte memory cards, at the same level of discount…… does anyone have a time machine?

The huge drop in SD memory card prices in the UK over the past decade, has been driven by fierce price competition in the marketplace, and this reflects 7dayshop’s ongoing commitment to providing the very best deals for memory cards anywhere, whether you compare prices online or from your local high-street outlet, and we will continue to offer exceptional deals and special offers, many times exclusively to our twice-weekly newsletter subscribers (especially where we have limited stock).

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