Sophia Groves

Sophia Groves is a fashion, commercial and landscape photographer based in London.

Here’s what she found when she took the 7dayshop Travel Pro-Tripod with her during a recent trip to Europe.

She is also a freelance photo retoucher and ecommerce/music stylist, photo editor and half of the lifestyle blog Brunette Swirls.

On tour – a photographic opportunity

Over the past few weeks I have been on tour across the UK with the wonderful Arcane Roots, and last week I joined them for the last leg of their European run.

As much as touring with a band is a lot of hard work, it is a huge amount of fun when you’re with friends, and I got to see a lot of towns, cities and countries that I’ve never seen.


The 7dayshop Travel Pro Tripod in action

The last week of their European tour took me to Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Stuttgart, and I knew there’d be some great photo opportunities to be had on well-earned days off.

For the trip I took out my Canon 1000D, Olympus Trip 35 and my trusted 7dayshop Travel-Pro tripod.

As well as being useful for all the timed group photos that holidays provide, a tripod is great to set up shots that may suffer from camera shake such as high angled shots of buildings, any odd angles, and where detail is very important.

First stop – Prague

After driving from our apartment on the outskirts of the city, we walked around the entire city, top to toe, left to right and I liked what I saw.

The stunning city full of such colour and beautiful architecture, and there were plenty of opportunities to set up my tripod for some great shots.

Now, with most tripods, I wouldn’t even think about taking them on holiday with me, due to lack of space in my carry-on bag; but this tripod folds up so small that is was no inconvenience.

The size and weight of the tripod also makes it easy to carry around all day, which is another obstacle when sight-seeing as a photographer.

In the centre of the city’s Old Town Square, the world’s oldest astronomical clock is situated in the city hall, and as much as I would have loved to set up the tripod for a super-detailed/close-up photo, I had to do it free-hand due to the sheer amount of people gathered to see it.



Next we headed along Charles Bridge and up to Prague Castle to admire the city from above and gaze at some more extraordinary architecture, before coming back down to see St. Vitus’ Cathedral and grabbing a great dinner in the square.

This part of the day allowed me to use my tripod at each major landmark to set up perfectly composed and levelled shots across the city, and not worry about getting in people’s way or getting tired hallway through.

Happy snapping in Budapest

After Arcane Roots played their show in Prague, we moved onto beautiful Budapest, and I continued happy-snapping across another city.

We first explored Budapest at dusk, and I felt this was really when the city looked the most beautiful.

Our apartment was situated right across the river from the stunning Hungarian Parliament, which gave me a lovely set up from the balcony, and we were not far from the Old Town where we explored every street and alley.



At night when light, shake and noise become more of an issue, a tripod comes much in handy for those all-important longer exposed shots that need complete stillness.

The next day was sweltering hot, and as a result full of people, so there was a lot less opportunity to get my tripod out in the almost immovable crowds.

But I made sure I did when I knew the photo would benefit from it i.e. at Matthias Church and to overlook the city from Fisherman’s Bastion.

Rocking Out In Vienna

Sadly, my time in Vienna was spent at Rock in Vienna Festival, which was amazing but did not allow me to explore the city, and my time in Stuttgart was only for the last show of tour before we left for home.

A tripod is unfortunately no good for music photography as it requires a fast pace and the ability to get the best shot from anywhere within in an instant.

But, for the lovely days off in between, and sights you encounter on your way, I could not advise carrying a tripod with you more.

I couldn’t have done it without the tripod!

Over the week I managed to see and photograph some stunning places and I really couldn’t have done with it without my trusted Travel-Pro tripod!

The carry bag, lock-in legs, lightweight frame and 360o head are all features that make using the tripod quick, easy and hassle-free which is exactly what you want! Thank you 7dayshop, and here’s to many more cities and adventures!

Click on the photo below to find out more about the 7dayshop Travel-Pro Tripod

The 7dayshop Travel Pro tripod

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