Fed up of trying to remember different passwords when accessing your phone, online accounts and worried about them being hacked or stolen? Could the security solution for all of us ultimately lie with the “selfie”? Password Computer Key In Green Showing Permission And Security (Graphicstock) As most of us know, a selfie is a photo that we take of ourselves. It’s much beloved by teenagers and celebrities.

But a number of experts now think it could hold the key to improving security online.

Strictly speaking, they are talking about biometrics – these are the distinctive, measurable characteristics of individuals. That could be their face, for example. So a person taking a selfie on their smartphone camera could authenticate who they were (with some installed facial recognition technology).

It’s “authentication by selfie” is how Dr Ant Allan, who is an authentication expert at Gartner Research, puts it. All the user would have to do is look at their mobile or computer screen, according to a BBC report.

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The transformation of memory storage – click here to read more

The security could be further increased with voice recognition and finger print identification – although it does pose the question as to whether a hacker at some in the future might be able to replicate these markers somehow.

The developments come amid reports that the new iPhone 6 could feature an “iPayment” system allowing owners to securely pay for goods in physical shops using their phone.

It’s said the mobile wallet system could make use of Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition reader, and Near Field Communication Technology (NFC).

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