Sandisk 200GB microSD memory card (photo credit: Sandisk)The 200GB SanDisk memory card is the size of a finger nail, but can hold up to 20 HOURS of Full HD video. On top of that you can transfer up to 1,200 photos a minute.

Card manufacturer SanDisk says it achieved the breakthrough by creating a new design and production process.

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“We continue to push technology boundaries to deliver record-breaking solutions that transform the way consumers use their mobile devices,” said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk.

“By focusing on achieving new capacity and speed milestones, we are able to deliver trusted mobile memory solutions that give consumers the freedom to never stop capturing, saving, or sharing – with the benefit of fast speeds to transfer it all quickly.”

It’s due to go on sale with a recommended price of $399.99 (£259.90).

(Photo credit: SanDisk)

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