Of course, there are cheaper ways to reward the hard work of students on A-Level results day – here are some options!

Incentives offered by parents range from money from £5 up to a staggering £17,000 as well as holidays, cars and laptops, according to a survey commissioned by Leeds Beckett University.

On average, the research found that A* to B grades are most likely to be rewarded with £100 per A grade and £50 for each B/C the national average.

Girls are being offered an average of £132 more than boys this year, a reversal from last year.

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But the number of students being offered incentives has halved since last year, with 32% of males and 30% of females incentivised this year compared to 66% of males and 58% of females in 2014.

Money is the most popular incentive this year, according to the survey, at 21.4% followed by a meal at 5.8%, a laptop at 5.4% and then 5% plumping for a holiday and 4% opting for a car as a form of encouragement.

There was a word of warning from Professor Paul Smith, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Leeds Beckett University, who said: “It is important that incentives don’t detract from developing a real interest in the subject.

“Sadly, the evidence is that incentives often have the exact opposite effect and can undermine the intrinsic reason for wanting to study hard in the first place.”

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4 rewards for A-Level results

portable hard drivePortable hard drive

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Laptop bag

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phoneA new (spare) mobile phone

Okay, so students heading to university will hopefully want to keep in touch with home as will their mums and dads.

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