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Was This The World's First Video Game (photo via BNL)

The World’s First Computer Games From The 1940s and 1950s

You’d be wrong to think that computer games were invented in the 1970s. Games were being developed more than 60 YEARS ago by trail-blazing researchers. Fun titles included Tennis For Two Granted, it might not look like much – one horizontal line with a small vertical line and what looks a bit like a smudge on the screen. But they represent the tennis court, net and ball flying between two players who served and volleyed using controllers with buttons and rotating dials. The…

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Pac-Man & 4 Other Video Games You Loved As A Kid!

You will love this list of classic video games and the memories they bring back! 1. Pac-Man  Released in 1980, it become a cultural and money-making phenomenon. Surely, one of the best games ever. 2. Mario Bros Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi, the plumbers in one of the most famous video game franchises ever? The first game, Mario Bros, was released for arcades in 1983. 3. Tetris Anyone who ever had a Gameboy will remember this puzzle block game fondly from 1989…

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