5 Classic Video Games V2

You will love this list of classic video games and the memories they bring back!


1. Pac-Man 

Released in 1980, it become a cultural and money-making phenomenon. Surely, one of the best games ever.


2. Mario Bros

Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi, the plumbers in one of the most famous video game franchises ever? The first game, Mario Bros, was released for arcades in 1983.


3. Tetris

Anyone who ever had a Gameboy will remember this puzzle block game fondly from 1989 onwards. But you may not know it was actually invented in the Soviet Union in 1984!


4. Sonic The Hedgehog

The blue hedgehog roared onto our Sega game machines in 1991! Do you remember the magic rings that you had to collect?


5. Space Invaders

What list wouldn’t be complete without this classic title. First released in 1978, you were tasked with battling with space invaders as they moved down the screen.

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