Want to try out something different when it comes to snapping pictures on your smartphone?

How about using a simple, affordable compact clip on lens kit?

The photo above of a fish eye lens showing the fine detail of the letters was taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and a macro lens, safely and quickly clipped on over the phone’s camera. Get up nice and close to get the best results with the macro lens.

It’s part of a universal and affordable mobile lens kit sold by 7dayshop.com.

What’s in the Box?

Whats In The Box

Along with the macro lens, you get a fish eye lens and wide angle lens and clip holder plus lens caps.

The carry bag means you can take the kit with you doubles as a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Thanks to its compact design, it’s ideal for use pretty much anywhere!

(The macro and wide angle lenses come screwed together)

Easy to use

Just screw the lens you require into the clip holder and then position over your device’s camera. The lens is held firmly in the holder, which the clip stays in place securely and doesn’t damage your device.

To use the wide angle lens, you need to screw it together with the macro lens and then screw into the clip holder. To use the macro lens unscrew the wide angle lens.

You might also find the wide angle lens useful during video calls for example with Skype.


Clip On iPhone 6 plus 2

Photos using the wide angle and Fish Eye lens


Normal picture

Fish eye

Photo taken with the fish eye lens

wide angle

Wide angle lens photo

Where to buy the kit

The mobile lens kit is very affordable and can be bought by clicking on this link > 7dayshop 3 in 1 Mobile Lens Kit or clicking on the photo below.

7dayshop 3 in 1 Mobile Lens Kit



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