With Father’s Day just around the corner, here’s a list of 7 awesome gifts that won’t break the bank – and that your Dad will love.

Watch With Smart Functions


Heard the buzz about smart wearables, but not sure about spending a fortune? Well, how about a Hannspree sport watch with smart functions?

It comes in at under £30 and features a circular OLED display showing the time, data and battery.

There’s also fitness tracking,  plus call and message notifications from your phone or device via Bluetooth.

Interested? Find out more, by clicking here.

Mobile Phone Lens Kit

macroWhats In The Box 2

Chances are that your Dad loves taking pictures using his mobile phone. Well, how about a mobile lens kit that safely and easily clips on over his device’s camera?

The photo above of the fish eye lens was taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and a macro lens included in the kit, which includes the fish eye lens and wide angle lens.

It’s simple to use, just screw the lens into the lens holder and clip it into place. It also comes in a handy travel pouch, which doubles as a cleaning cloth.

To read our blog review, click here.

The 7dayshop 3 in 1 mobile lens kit costs just £4.99 and includes delivery. To buy it, click here.

Power bank


A really practical present, a power bank could get your Dad out of a hole!

We all know the nightmare of your phone running out of juice at the worst possible moment.

With a portable power bank, you can avoid this happening. Power banks offer the ability to charge up devices on the go.

You can find the full range of power banks at 7dayshop.com by clicking here.



A remote controlled quadcopter is an excellent fun gift for Father’s Day.

The quadcopter pictured can do some very cool aerobatic tricks, including a three-dimensional tumbling movement.

You could also buy him a remote control helicopter.

To see what’s available in terms of remote control quadcopters and helicopters, click here.

Selfie Stick


Another photography gadget that your Dad will love! He’ll be able to take amazing selfies as well as shots of his family and friends with a selfie stick.

Or he could use it at sporting and other events to get a different angle, above the heads and shoulders of other people.

A selfie stick is an extendable stick with a holder for your mobile phone, which you can use to take photos.

If you’re not sure, check out this summary of selfie stick reviews by mums by clicking here.

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Dashboard Camera


Another gift that your Dad will really appreciate. Dashboard cameras are increasingly popular because they can record critical full HD footage in the event of an accident, crash or incident involving your vehicle.

Dashboard cameras also don’t cost as much as you might think and could save money on the car insurance.

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New mobile phone


An affordable smartphone could be just the ticket this Father’s Day. This could be a gift for you and your siblings/family to buy

Your Dad might be delighted with a new phone with decent specifications, camera, internet access and other features.

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