A round-up of useful selfie stick reviews by mums who tested out a selfie stick for themselves.


What is a selfie stick?

So, you may have seen the craze for selfie sticks and been wondering whether to buy one. Well, a selfie stick is an extendable stick with a holder for your mobile phone that allows you to take self portraits aka selfies as well as group shots more easily.

No more trying to cram everything by putting your arm out as far as you can and hoping to take the best shot!

They can also be used to take photos above the heads and shoulders of other people, for example at events, to get pictures that you might not otherwise get. There are plenty of options when it comes to buying selfie sticks at 7dayshop.com, but you might like to read some reviews.

A group of mums that blog recently tested out a selection of selfie sticks – here’s a snapshot (ahem) of their reviews.

What’s all the fuss about?


Bluetooth selfie stick with mobile phone holder and remote – click here to buy from 7dayshop.com

Blogger Em, who lives with her two children and husband in Gloucestershire, UK, says that selfie sticks split opinion and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

She reviewed a selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control from 7dayshop.com and said one of her children loved it!

“It arrived promptly and was easy to assemble,” said the blogger. “The bluetooth remote came with a battery, was easy to pair and the whole setup process went without a hitch.

“It held my iPhone tightly but didn’t leave me worried that it may scratch it. It extends to hold a phone up to 8.5cm wide. Ez Bear loved the selfie stick and remote and took over 150 photos in about 5 minutes!”

You can read more of her review at her Snowingindoors blog.

Ideal for taking group shots

Mum-of-two Bel, who lives with her daughters and partner in Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, UK, blogs at Journeys Are My Diary and wrote that she isn’t a selfie person, but loves the idea of a selfie stick for taking group selfies.

Reviewing a selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control, she wrote: “It was really easy to use and connect to your phone via Bluetooth, meaning that you could take the pictures easily and without any effort.

“Though there was an app you could use (free to download), we found that it worked just fine on the iPhone camera app, so long as the Bluetooth was all synced up.

“The stick extended to 95cm so it was great for making sure everyone was in the frame!”

Mum and baby photos

Bluetooth selfie stick with  mobile phone holder - click here to buy from 7dayshop.com

Bluetooth selfie stick with mobile phone holder – click here to buy from 7dayshop.com

Blogger Aby said: “We really enjoyed using the selfie stick, it made getting pictures of both of us so much easier.

“It was possible to get some of our bodies and maybe some background in the shot, rather than a little section of each of our faces,” according to the mum, 38, who lives with her husband and their daughter on the Berkshire/Hampshire border in the UK.

Aby reviewed a Bluetooth selfie stick, which paired to her phone and extended from 23.5cm to 100.5cm and worked on Android 3.0 and iOS 4.0 devices and above.

She explained there’s a button on the stick to take photos, while the holder can expand up to 9cm to hold different devices. You can read more of her review at You Baby Me Mummy.

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