Apple has won a patent for a flexible device (photo credit Engadget/Twitter)

Apple has won a patent for a flexible device. It comes after the so-called Bendgate affair (photo credit Engadget/Twitter)

Apple patent for flexible electronic devices hints at bendy iPhone possibility and folding devices.

Designs and ideas about flexible devices have been around for a while, but the new US patent awarded to Apple points towards a product where pretty much everything is bendy.

According to Apple Insider, the patent incorporates malleable external and pliable internal parts such as batteries.

The website even suggests such a device could allow force-based gesture controls and fold up like a trifold wallet.

While such a device may not be coming anytime soon, Apple watchers say it shows the company’s intentions to innovate.

The news also comes after Apple was hit by the so-called Bendgate affair, which was sparked by reports that some iPhone 6 Plus users found their phones easily bent.

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