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The ‘Magic Internet Button’ That Fixes Everything – Click Here

Who doesn’t want a button like this on their keyboard? Aren’t there some days when you’d love a magic button when the web’s having an off day or misbehaving? Okay, so we don’t really have a magic button that fixes everything, but we do have a list of 5 things that could make your online and technology life that bit easier – click on the photos below. 1. Not running out of phone battery at just the worst moment – get this power bank!…

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11 Amazing Close Up Photos Of Tiny Bugs And Insects

Incredible pictures of insects close up. See butterflies, dragonflies, bugs and more in this stunning macro photography picture gallery. Common Blue. Kinnegar, Northern Ireland Take off. A very energetic green-veined white butterfly at Glenarm Castle Estate, Northern Ireland Head on – insect. Conlig, Northern Ireland Metallic green fly at Balloo Wetlands, Bangor, Northern Ireland. Very handsome iridescent green tiger beetle at Bloody Bridge, Northern Ireland Grasshopper on driftwood at Killard Point nature reserve, Northern Ireland Sunbathing. Insect near Kiltonga, Newtownards, Northern…

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Student Photography Competition – Win £1,000, Other Prizes And Chance To Exhibit At Major Festival

Free photography competition open to students in higher education anywhere in the world. As well as £1,000 up for grabs and prizes from, students will receive valuable exposure by exhibiting at the next international Guernsey Photography Festival. To enter, students need to submit a coherent, artistically driven body of work in the field of contemporary photography. There is no set theme. Entrants in the higher education category must submit a maximum of 15 images and a supporting statement of…

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The Photographer: Jason Wilde Profile

Watchmaker turned traveller turned photographer Jason Wilde offers a visual insight into the changing state of modern Britain with his powerful images.   Leaving school at 15 “I am a watchmaker by trade. I left school at 15. It was supposed to be a 5-year apprenticeship. “But then I spent 5 weeks on a Kibbutz and ended up travelling for 6 years. I was 18 at the time,” says Jason in an interview with the blog. “I met students doing gap…

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Photographer Road Tests 7dayshop Tripod Across Europe – Here Are The Results

Sophia Groves is a fashion, commercial and landscape photographer based in London. Here’s what she found when she took the 7dayshop Travel Pro-Tripod with her during a recent trip to Europe. She is also a freelance photo retoucher and ecommerce/music stylist, photo editor and half of the lifestyle blog Brunette Swirls. On tour – a photographic opportunity Over the past few weeks I have been on tour across the UK with the wonderful Arcane Roots, and last week I joined them for…

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£5,000 Photography Competition – Enter Before Deadline Closes

There’s just a few weeks left enter an international photography competition with a £5,000 prize. Lots of entries have already been received, but the organisers of the competition at the Guernsey Photography Festival have issued a final call for submissions before the competition closes. The award is open to anyone, professional or amateur, aged 18 and over, who has developed, or is developing, a coherent, artistically driven body of work in the field of contemporary photography. You can enter work…

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iPhone Photography

“It is often said that your best camera is the one you have with you, this is certainly true of the iPhone,” says photographer Mark Simpson. The iPhone is always with me “My iPhone goes everywhere with me and I have always found it invaluable for reference shots as in good light the exposure and white balance are spot on. I use it a lot while walking to and from landscape locations and hardly ever use a digital compact camera now.” “It…

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Fish Eye lens taken using a clip-on macro lens on an iPhone 6 Plus (

Smartphone Photos: How To Get A Different Angle

Want to try out something different when it comes to snapping pictures on your smartphone? How about using a simple, affordable compact clip on lens kit? The photo above of a fish eye lens showing the fine detail of the letters was taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and a macro lens, safely and quickly clipped on over the phone’s camera. Get up nice and close to get the best results with the macro lens. It’s part of a universal…

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“I Live, Eat, Breathe Photography, Scotland And Nature”

Stunning landscape photos of the Scottish Highlands by photographer Karen Appleyard, who also has an inspiring story. You really have to see these inspiring pictures of mountains, lochs and glens. Out and about around Scotland along with her poodle and armed with a Nikon camera “There is no 9 to 5, it is a way of life”, says Karen, who is a full-time photographer based in Highland Perthshire. “I love what I do and where I live. I feel like one of the luckiest people ever.”…

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Photography Competition – Win £5,000

Open to professionals and amateurs, a major photography competition has been launched with a £5,000 prize and the chance to exhibit at a renowned photography festival. With many customers being photographers and enjoying taking pictures, we wanted to let you know about this competition organised by friends at the Guernsey Photography Festival. It’s open to all photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, who have developed a coherent, artistically driven body of work. There is no set theme. “We hope that we will see…

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